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Features For investment Insurance

  • Tax benefit

    Offers you tax advantages on paid premium and bonuses received.

  • Secure future

    Financial support for after retirement for secure life

  • Bonus Benefit

    Ensure your profits through bonus increasing

  • Accumulated Savings

    Accumulated profits like a plethora of income that are or are not yet assessed for any purpose

Short Description Investment Insurance

An insurance investment plan is the pecuniary protection contract, which is expected to provide you a handful sum of money after a decided time frame to match the prices at that moment. The tenure of maturity could be 10 years, 15 years, and 25 years or at a precise age of the individual holding the policy. It is remarkably an excellent combination of investment plus insurance so that you concurrently save in the present and ensure for your future. Both your small-term and long term financial objectives can be accomplished through such insurances. You must choose the most reliable investment insurance plans that are most suitable to meet your requirements.