Good News PM-KISAN Scheme beneficiaries!!! Follow These Steps If Facing Failed transactions

Good News PM-KISAN Scheme beneficiaries!!! Follow These Steps If Facing Failed transactions

The Narendra Modi government has recognized different purposes behind the exchange's disappointment under PM-KISAN Scheme. The explanations behind bombed exchanges are significant because of Account shut/Transferred, Invalid IFSC, Account Inactive, Account Dormant, Amount surpasses limit set on Account by Bank for Credit/Debit per exchange, Account Holder Expired, Account Blocked or Frozen, Inactive Aadhar, Network disappointment and so forth To handle the issues of exchange disappointments and interaction the installment to such enrolled Farmers' families, a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) has been created by the public authority, The SOP is given to States/UTs for essential activity at their end. 

In situations where the remedial measures are to be taken by States/UTs, such exchange disappointment records are opened to particular State/UT for revision under the "Amendment Module" tab of PM-KISAN gateway. From there on, all the exchange disappointment records are reprocessed for the installment of the individual portion under the PM-KISAN Scheme. 

Under the PM-KISAN Scheme benefits are moved in three, four-month to month time frames. In like clockwork period, Rs 2000 is moved to qualified Farmers families. In this manner, advantages of Rs. 6000 is moved yearly. 

Under PM-KISAN Scheme the advantages are not transferrable consistently. The advantages are moved in three portions. The combined number of PM-KISAN Scheme exchanges that have fizzled since its dispatch till June 2021 is 40,16,867. The quantity of absolute exchange made under the PM-KISAN Scheme till 30th June 2021 is 68,76,32,104 of which the all-out number of bombed exchanges is under 1%. 

An absolute number of exchanges under PM-KSIAN Scheme since its dispatch till 30th June 2021. This data was given in a composed answer by the Union Minister of Agriculture and Farmers Welfare Narendra Singh Tomar in Lok Sabha.

Image Credit: Business Insider India

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