ITR Deadline: More Than 3 Crore Users File ITR As the Deadline Approaches Fast

ITR Deadline: More Than 3 Crore Users File ITR As the Deadline Approaches Fast

More than three crore citizens have recorded their annual expense forms (ITR) for the evaluation year 2021-22 on the new e-documenting entrance of the personal assessment division as of December 3, 2021. Indeed, the quantity of ITRs recorded each day is north of 4 lakh and expanding ordinarily as the last date for documenting returns, for example, December 31, 2021, is drawing closer, as indicated by true sources said.

ITR recording went up to 3.03 crore for the evaluation year 2021-22 with 58.98 percent of these being ITR1 (1.78 crores), 8% is ITR2 (24.42 lakh), 8.7 percent is ITR3 (26.58 lakh), while 23.12 percent of these are ITR4 (70.07 lakh), ITR5 (2.14 lakh), ITR6 (0.91 lakh) and ITR7 (0.15 lakh) consolidated. More than 50% of these profits have been recorded with the assistance of online ITR structure on the e-documenting gateway, sources added.

The course of e-check through Aadhaar one-time secret key (OTP) and different strategies is significant for the annual assessment division to begin handling of the ITR and to give discounts, assuming any. It is empowering to take note that 2.69 crore returns have been e-confirmed, out of which more than 2.28 crore are through Aadhaar based OTP, an assertion is given by the money service said.

In November, 48% of the confirmed ITRs 1, 2, and 4 had been handled around the same time. Of the confirmed ITRs, more than 2.11 crore ITRs have been handled and over 82.80 lakh discounts for AY 2021-22 have been given. The division has encouraged the citizens who are yet to document their profits to do as such at the most punctual to stay away from last moment surge.

Image Credit: Business Today

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