Mastering Mobile Banking: Guide to Checking Bank Account Statements

Mastering Mobile Banking: Guide to Checking Bank Account Statements

If you also do business with the State Bank of India, this information will be quite beneficial. SBI has introduced a unique service for its millions of clients. You no longer need to visit the branch to get your bank statement. Let us inform you that SBI's financial services are widely utilized by citizens nationwide. SBI has also launched a specific senior citizen service. Senior citizens will now be able to receive their pension slip on WhatsApp due to this.


Through this service, retirees can receive a pension slip by sending a WhatsApp message to a telephone number. The Whatsapp service will also allow bank customers with regular accounts to view their balances and short statements. SBI has also provided information on Twitter concerning this.


A message will have to be sent on this number.

SBI frequently launches several new services. To use this service, the user must send the message "Hi" to the WhatsApp number "9022690226". After completing this process, you will be prompted to select between a Balance Enquiry, Mini Statement, or Pension Slip. You must choose the service you want to use


How to get a statement?

Call the SBI contact center to receive your bank statement on your mobile device. You can dial any toll-free number, such as 1800 1234 or 1800 2100. To obtain the account balance and transaction data after calling, dial number 1. Enter your bank account's last four digits after that. To obtain the account statement, hit 2 there. Select the statement's period after that. The account statement will be snet to your registered email address in minutes.


Take advantage of this service on WhatsApp.

You must register your number to use WhatsApp's banking feature. Send an SMS to 7208933148 by typing WAREG and your account number in the field provided, for example, WAREG account number. The same phone number connected to the bank account must be used to send SMS messages. Now save +919022690226 to your phone's contacts. Send a hello to this number after saving.

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