Revamped “SBI Pension Seva” Allows You To Resolve Pension-Related Services At Single Stop

Revamped “SBI Pension Seva” Allows You To Resolve Pension-Related Services At Single Stop

The State Bank of India (SBI) has as of late patched up its SBI Pension Seva site, which assists retired people with getting every one of the subtleties identified with annuities, to work on the cycle. The SBI reported the uplifting news on Twitter. In a Tweet, SBI said, "Uplifting news for all Pensioners! We have patched up our PensionSeva site for you to deal with all your annuity-related administrations easily." With the new changes, SBI has begun to bring to the table a huge number of administrations on the web-based entry. 

For example, retired people can now effectively download annuity falls through the new entry. They can likewise download Form 16 from the entrance. Besides, senior residents can likewise really take a look at the benefits exchanges on the site. 

Here is a rundown of different administrations presented by the new SBI Pension Seva entrance: 

• Pensioners can download the Arrear computation sheet. 

• Pensioners can likewise really look at the situation with Life Certificate 

• One can undoubtedly check the benefits profile subtleties on the internet-based entry 

• Pensioners can likewise request annuity slips through email. 

• Retired people can download their benefits slip/Form 16 through the SBI Pension Seva gateway 

• Senior residents can see subtleties of their Pension exchanges. 

• Arrear computation sheet can be downloaded 

• Venture related subtleties 

• Clients can see the situation with their Life Certificate 

• Retired people can likewise see their Pension profile subtleties effortlessly

Other than the new entrance, SBI has likewise declared a few new components for beneficiaries. For instance, beneficiaries will currently get all cautions on their cell phones. Perhaps the main change got by SBI is that retired people can now submit life testaments at any SBI Bank office. 

Additionally, beneficiaries will actually want to profit from the Jeevan Pramaan office at all SBI bank offices. The state-possessed bank has likewise improved on its complaint redressal component. Retired people would now be able to hold up their grumblings by sharing their mailing to Beneficiaries can likewise join a screen capture of the trouble they are confronting. 

Different choices for grumbling are SMS and complementary numbers. Beneficiaries can type "Miserable'' and send it at 8008202020 to hold up their grievances while they can likewise approach 18004253800/1800112211.

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