Try not to Make These 5 Mistakes While Withdrawing Money From PF Account

Try not to Make These 5 Mistakes While Withdrawing Money From PF Account

This is the explanation that the quantity of individuals applying for claims has expanded. Assuming you additionally need to pull out cash from PF, it is imperative to deal for certain things, in light of the fact that the application can be dismissed because of your little misstep. So which are the missteps that ought not be done at the hour of use, let us know. 

Slip-Up In Name In Checkbook Or Passbook 

On applying for online PF, an unlimited free pass or photograph of passbook is to be filtered and transferred. Assuming your name isn't imprinted on your checkbook or passbook, your PF guarantee can be dismissed. Aside from this, the application can likewise be dismissed due to misprinting the name or not filling the IFC code of the bank. So prior to transferring a duplicate of these archives, Check Altogether. 

Contrast In Data Given In Kyc 

Whatever bank related data you have given in your PF account and whatever is in the passbook or checkbook, there ought to be no contrast between the two. Since your application can be dropped regardless of whether there are various things in KYC subtleties including your name, address and different subtleties. 

UAN Not Connected To Aadhaar 

To take the PF guarantee, the record holder should have their UAN for example All-inclusive Account Number connected to the Aadhaar card as well as keeping the KYC complete. In the event that you have not accomplished this work, the application for PF can be dismissed. 

The Ledger Number Ought To Be 11 Digits 

Normally, the ledger number would be 12 or 16 digits. Be that as it may, in the underlying stage, the record numbers gave by numerous banks start from nothing. Subsequently, the record number is 11 digits. Along these lines, ordinarily during the application, EPFO doesn't favor the financial balance number of 11 such focuses. Due to which the application can be dismissed. 

PDF Not Open 

On the off chance that you have applied online for PF, a duplicate of certain records must be appended with the application. These incorporate passbooks, checkbook, structures, Aadhaar, PAN card and so on All these are to be filtered and sent in PDF design, yet commonly PDF can't be opened with EPFO. Because of which the data is not as expected coordinated, because of this, multiple occasions applications can be dismissed. In this way, prior to sending such a duplicate, check it.


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