Worried Your PPF Account Has Deactivated? Then Here Are Steps To Reactivate It

Worried Your PPF Account Has Deactivated? Then Here Are Steps To Reactivate It

On the off chance that you are additionally among such individuals, there is no compelling reason to take the strain. Since you can initiate it again by following a few strategies. Interest in a PPF account is accomplished for a time of 15 years. PPF account becomes dormant for not making a base venture of Rs 500 consistently. 

Step by step instructions to reactivate the account 

To re-actuate the PPF account, you need to visit the bank or mail center where you have opened your PPF account. Here you need to fill a structure identified with it. Alongside this, you should pay the measure of fine and back payments. The estimation of the arrear sum depends on the time of non-store of PPF sum on your part. Aside from this, you will likewise need to suffer consequences. This punishment is to be paid at the pace of Rs 50 for every annum. 

How much will be paid unfulfilled obligations? 

In the event that somebody's PPF account is shut for a very long time, you should pay overdue debts of about Rs 2000. Alongside this, you should store a punishment of Rs 200. Since every year it will draw in a fine of Rs 50. 

Written application 

For the recovery of an idle PPF account, the record holder needs to make a composed solicitation to the bank or the mail center branch where the record is found. The application can be made any time during the long-term time of the record. 

Deposit In The Account

The financial backer will be needed to store at least Rs 500 for each monetary year of the period when the record was latent. The check should be submitted to the branch alongside the application. 


To restore the record, the bank or mail center charges a punishment of Rs 50 for each monetary year in which the record was in a dormant state. The punishment should be stored alongside the compensation. 


When the application is presented, the bank or mailing station examines the application with their records. In the event that the time of store (15 years) has slipped by, the record can't be resuscitated. Notwithstanding, one can get to the development continues by suffering the consequence. 

Highlight note 

The sum in a PPF account keeps on acquiring interest even while it is latent. 

One can't profit an advance against an idle PPF account.

Image Credit: Outlook India

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