Your Guide to ATM Withdrawal Charges: An In-depth Look at SBI, PNB, HDFC, and ICICI Bank

Your Guide to ATM Withdrawal Charges: An In-depth Look at SBI, PNB, HDFC, and ICICI Bank

ATM Withdrawal Charges: Customers frequently receive a debit card, also known as an ATM card, and net banking after opening an account with any bank. People nowadays prefer to use ATMs to obtain cash rather than going to a bank.


Account users can withdraw cash from any bank's ATM, but it's important to remember that each bank has set a restriction on the number of free withdrawals from ATMs of other banks.


How much will be charged for cash withdrawal from an ATM?

RBI ordered banks to start charging users Rs 21 per transaction in addition to the monthly fee for ATM cards in June 2022. It is important to note that the first five transactions made at your bank's ATM are completely free for users. For other banks in major cities, a limit of three transactions has also been set. On the other hand, this limit is five withdrawals in non-metropolitan areas. You must pay a maximum fee of Rs 21 per withdrawal after performing more than this transaction. This regulation will be in effect starting on January 1, 2022.


Know about SBI ATM withdrawal charges-

Up to a monthly balance of Rs. 25,000, State Bank of India gives 5 complimentary ATM transactions. Additionally, if you withdraw more than this, you must pay GST and Rs 10 for each transaction. You will also be required to pay Rs 20 and GST at the ATMs of other banks. You are entitled to unlimited free ATM cash withdrawals if your monthly balance exceeds Rs 25,000.


Know about PNB ATM withdrawal charges-

Customers of PNB, the second-largest public sector bank in the nation, are entitled to five free ATM withdrawals in both metro and non-metro cities. You must then pay Rs 10 and GST fees when withdrawing cash from PNB. GST fees and Rs 21 must also be paid in other banks simultaneously.


Know about HDFC Bank Withdrawal Charges-

Large private sector bank HDFC Bank customers can access 5 free ATM transactions per month. The limit, however, is three transactions at the metro city's other banks. Following this, you must pay GST fees and Rs 21 for each transaction.


Know about ICICI Bank Withdrawal Charges-

ICICI Bank has set a limit of 5 transactions from ICICI Bank ATMs and 3 transactions from ATMs of other banks, much like other banks. Customers must then pay Rs 20 for each withdrawal and Rs 8.50 for non-financial transactions.

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